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Our Experience

We are a boutique IT Consulting firm founded in 2007, we understand that you are in business to build relationships with your customers, to build your business, to build success in whatever endeavour you have chosen. You are not in the business of building IT solutions. However that is what many business find themselves spending a lot of time doing. We have extensive background and experience building solutions for businesses - from the very small to the very large, all over the world.

Our Philosophy

Do not reinvent the wheel. We have firm belief that more than 90% of everything a business needs to do from a technology point of view has already been done by someone before, the explosion of software over the last decade, coupled with the evolution of cloud solutions means that most businesses today should NOT have to custom develop any solution.

We specialise in helping businesses integrate existing solutions and wherever possible utilise cloud based solutions

Our Team

A passion for service and a passion for the right technology for your needs.

  • Peter Leslie

    Peter Leslie

    Peter Leslie is the founder of Little Left of Centre consulting. With over thirty years of IT experience, which ranges from software development to infrastructure design and implementation. Peter has a rare depth and breadth of experience that few IT people have. He has been described as the swiss army knife of IT, a badge he wears proudly. He started LLOC to set a higher bar for IT support services and for consulting in general, the right solution to fit the needs of your business.
  • Ed McGaw

    Ed McGaw

    Ed is the Helpdesk Manager at LLOC and there to assist with all helpdesk/support related enquires. Ed has had a varied career and was a late comer to the technology space, however has taken it onboard with gusto. Ed is also our resident Santa and he loves spending time with his wife and Siberian Huskies.
  • Albie Colvin

    Albie Colvin

    Albie is a resident Graphic Design Guru Extraordinaire. He has extensive experience developing brands for various organisation across Australia and New Zealand. He is also passionate about art as therapy and started Colour Them Safe foundation to work with children in Nepal, helping them through the power of art and expression - https://www.facebook.com/ColourThemSafe

    Albie runs his our graphic design agency, and works closely with us on various projects

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  • David Lutz

    David Lutz

    David is our resident Linux/Unix and Amazon Web Services Guru, when he is not building virtual infrastructure on AWS, he is jamming with the Lonely Planets Band practicing for their annual charity performance at the Espy.
  • Andrew Schutz

    Andrew Schutz

    Andrew is our resident security and encryption consultant. He has a keen interest in all thing PCI, loves talking and providing solutions around compliance. He is also involved in some exciting encryption technologies
  • Carlos Higgi

    Carlos Higgi

    Carlos provides a range of admin support services.
  • Lisa Sinclair

    Lisa is the newest member of the LLOC team, she provides IT helpdesk support as well as Web Development services to our clients. Lisa has a background in technical documentation and web development using Wordpress

Our Clients

We work with clients all over Australia, NZ, Timor Leste, PNG, Cambodia, Fiji and Solomon Islands.

WaterAid Australia
HGW Projects
Flowers Vasette
CrossPoint Telecommunications
Infact Decisions
Living Power
Eureak Training
Taylor Formwork
Sh!t Happens Plumbing
Barber Black Sheep
Endless Elegance
PIMS Group
Resonance Health
T&P Business Solutions
Tasty Healthy Life

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What our clients say

We are proud to work with clients all over australia, NZ and asia

  • Flowers Vasette

    Managing all aspects of a fast paced business is not easy. You have to recognise the areas where you need expert help. For Flowers Vasette, having a trusted technology advisor to support a continually growing and logistical business is really important. LLOC is that trusted advisor and have carefully managed our 'big leap' from outdated on-site technologies to the right blend of cloud services. Moving to the cloud has delivered material business efficiencies, mobilised our resources in ways we never thought possible and removed the need to ever spend big on technology equipment and infrastructure. Peter Leslie at LLOC is now an integral part of our technology investment decisions and continually provides valuable strategic guidance in relation to our ongoing journey of cloud evolution"

    Oriel Mendoza
    Director, Operations

  • IWDA

    IWDA engaged LLOCs services over 5 years ago, and we very quickly reduced our IT spend from 50 hours of support a week to less than 50 hours a month. LLOC has guided and helped us move many of our services to the cloud, providing us with enterprise level services for our growing not-for- profit organisation, along with all of the support required in the setup and move to new premises. In addition to providing us with great IT support and consulting services over the last 5 years, we also engaged them to support an IT upgrade for one of our partner organisations in Fiji. Peter from LLOC went to Fiji and in the space of a week transformed their office from 1990's technology to 2015 technology with minimal disruption to the team there.

    We would happily recommend Peter and LLOC to any NGO looking to maximise their IT spend and improve their overall IT services.

    Donna Davies
    IWDA Director of Finance

  • WaterAid Australia
    Peter has been such a wonderful resource for WaterAid Australia. He has helped us to set up a robust, flexible but economical IT infrastructure. He has been very supportive and responsive in dealing with issues as they arise and proactive in dealing with infrastructure/long term issues. I would highly recommend Peter and LLOC to any organisation.
  • HGW Projects
    As a small business an efficient IT system is critical for our on-going growth. LLOC has been involved with the IT setup in our business since its inception in 2010, we have found LLOC to be proactive, knowledgable and above all contactable when required. LLOC continues to assist us as we move interstate and we would have no hesitation in recommending them for any IT services.
  • Justine Page
    To have IT support that is as clear and easy to access as that which LLOC provides makes the IT side of my business life stress free. I'm based in NZ and the use of TeamViewer means Peter can just 'come in' and get the job done regardless of the fact that he's in Melbourne.
  • THL...
    LLOC is easy to deal with, communicates clearly & provides explanations so you learn at the same time if you want that. The extent of their knowledge & expertise continues to impress me every time.

    I clearly highly recommend LLOC to you and your business.