Why the cloud?

 Moving to cloud based services offers several advantages over traditional in-house built systems


Anywhere Anytime, without the need for expensive and cumbersome VPN technologies. One of the huge benefits of most cloud services is the fact they are available 24hrs a day and generally from anywhere on the planet. All you need is an internet connection and you have access to your cloud solution.


The cost of infrastructure is expensive, although cost continue to come down and technology continues to improve. Most technology that is built in-house requires a significant capital investment. Investment in servers, storage, backup devices. The cost of cloud services is generally a fraction of the cost of building that same infrastructure to the same standard. Cost become operating costs, so costs can be managed to match cash flow.


Backups, the bane of every IT and Finance department on the planet. Backups cost time and they cost money, money in expensive backup software, disk storage for backups, tape storage for off-site and off-site storage facilities. They create headaches for the system admins and restoring files can take hours to days. Most cloud services provide sophisticated backups of the systems they are providing and this is generally included in the small monthly payments you are making to them.

A huge win for small to medium sized businesses.

Enterprise level services

Generally most cloud based services, be they Exchange email, file storage, or virtualised servers are built to higher standard, what in IT terms is called Enterprise Class. This means that services are built with every conceivable redundancy possible. They live in data centre with redundant power systems, complex backup systems, redundant storage/disk arrays, redundant and often load balanced server arrays, redundant network switches, firewalls routers and internet connections. All of this means that these systems are designed to withstand the failure of any single component and often more than one component. The cost to deliver this for most small to medium business is prohibitive and these sorts of measures are rarely implemented.

Experience and Knowledge

We have the experience and knowledge to help you transform your business IT, creating a enterprise class system at a fraction of the cost. 

  • We've rolled out storage solutions for small to medium sized client(s) which most large organisation would envy, giving them instant global access to files across multiple sites and countries as well as ensuring that even without a Business Continuity plan in place, their business will continue to thrive in the face of a disaster.
  • We've helped organisation move from in-house email systems to hosted exchange environments enabling them global access to email system without the need for complex and expensive VPN solutions
  • We've development Mobile applications that run on cloud hosted infrastructure in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure environment, allowing the mobile app to scale and provide reduced infrastructure costs


What's available in the cloud?

Just about anything and everything that you would normally build as in-house on-premises IT service. In fact you could run your whole business from cloud based services and infrastructure, some examples include;


Email in the form of hosted Exchange solutions or simple POP/IMAP email systems


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), means you can build complex telephony systems and never have to implement an internal PABX again


File storage. This can be simple or complex solutions depending on the needs and demands of your business. Cloud Storage can be as simple as Dropbox or as comprehensive as Egnyte

Virtual Servers

Virtual servers are run across the globe and many cloud service use virtualisation technology to provide on-demand servers and services

Virtual PCs

Virtual PCs are run across the globe and it's possible to run organisations on virtual PC's hosted in cloud infrastructure providers like Amazon Web Services

Web Servers

Web servers are the original cloud service, web hosting servers have been around since the beginning of the internet


Anti-spam services, provide email filtering services for business across the globe

Infrastructure as a Service

It's possible to build your whole infrastructure in the cloud and many organisations are moving in this direction. With the ability to have firewalls, load balancers, caching engines all running on cloud virtual servers, why build in-house?


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