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2 Quick and Free ways to improve security for your home or small office

2 Quick and Free ways to improve your security for your home office

Number 1 - Sign up to OpenDNS

DNS is the backbone of the internet it converts nice friendly human names like to IP addresses like 
All internet capable devices need to point to a DNS servers – which then do the work of converting name to IP

OpenDNS provides a DNS service that maintains a database of known hacker/malicious website and will block you going to those site

  •  You can block access to certain type of websites – e.g. Adult, gambling etc. (content filtering)
  • You can change the DNS setting on your WiFi router to use OpenDNS instead of your internet providers DNS servers
  • And change your laptop/mobile devices to also use OpenDNS to protect you when you’re out of the office

Number 2 - WiFi Guest Network.

Create a WiFi guest network for both guests visiting your home or office and IoT (internet of things or Smart devices). Ensure it is password protected.

  • Connect all guest to this network
  • Connect all IoT (internet of things) devices to this network .e.g fridges, TVs, solar panel monitors, light bulbs that connect to the internet etc
  • IoT devices generally are not built with ANY security features. There are documented cases of IoT devices been taken over by hackers to create botnets – which then attack any device on your network.
  • Typically guest networks are automatically setup so that any device connecting to the Guest WiFi cannot see any other device on the network, they can only connect to the network (this is called network isolation)



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